AKHLAK Townhall Meeting – The Role of AKHLAK in Improving Sustainable Company Performance

Friend #NusantaraPlanters,

Entering the 3rd year of AKHLAK which is part of the performance assessment parameters of BUMN personnel to support sustainable improvement of company performance, Perkebunan Nusantara Group held an “AKHLAK Townhall Meeting” which was held on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

The event carried the theme “The Role of AKHLAK in Improving Sustainable Company Performance”, as a resource person, Mohammad Abdul Ghani – President Director of Holding PTPN III (Persero) and also attended as Keynote Speech, Rachman Ferry Isfianto – Assistant Deputy for Plantation and Forestry Industry of the Ministry of BUMN and Erwan Pelawi – Independent Commissioner of Holding PT Perkebunan Nusantara III (Persero).

The AKHLAK Townhall Meeting aims to build awareness and implement transformation through strengthening the main values of AKHLAK, as well as building a spirit of achievement through reflection on a series of performances that have been achieved by PTPN Group to become #PTPNJuara.