PTPN III (Persero) Agrees with EUDR’s Sustainability Spirit

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Perkebunan Nusantara Holding or PN Holding agrees with the spirit of sustainability encouraged by the European Union through the implementation of the European Union Deforestation Regulations (EUDR). According to Marketing Director of PTPN III Holding, Dwi Sutoro, the existence of EUDR is in line with what is being, has been and will be done by Perkebunan Nusantara Holding. Attitude towards the spirit of sustainability

“Anti-deforestation and climate protection are good things that exist in EUDR and have been, are and will be carried out by PTPN, so we agree with the spirit of EUDR related to forest sustainability,” Dwi told InfoSAWIT, recently. As a real step of PTPN, then take action internally which includes, PTPN Group has issued, Anti Deforestation, Peat Planting and Exploitation Policy (No Deforestation, No Peat And No Exploitation Policy).

Then PTPN has also implemented sustainability principles and has obtained RSPO certificates in around 80% of the number of PTPN group plantations and mills. It is targeted that within 1 year it will be 100% RSPO and ISPO certified. While external actions are carried out by playing a role in fostering oil palm farmers in efforts, upstream to downstream development.

Including empowering oil palm farmers, because basically oil palm farmers are not a “deforestation risk” for the European Union and the world, oil palm farmers may just not have the means to show their compliance. “Large business players including the PTPN group together with the government must continue to pay special attention in this field with a partnership pattern that builds equality between large industries, farmers and the government,” Dwi said.

Regarding the EUDR policy, Dwi said, there needs to be a broader responsibility, namely at the same time all parties have the responsibility to play a role in food and energy security not only for Indonesia but also the world, especially in terms of renewable energy, in both of which the palm oil industry plays an important role.

Therefore, a constructive dialog is needed between the European Union and producing countries, especially Indonesia as the world’s largest palm oil producer. “To find common ground on the way to go because we actually have the same interests in terms of sustainability,” Dwi said. Furthermore, Dwi said, the EUDR can be seen as a good opportunity. “As one of the largest palm oil-based companies, PTPN group sees this as an opportunity for us to develop implementation measures for all palm oil business players,” Dwi said. (T1)

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