PTPN III (Persero) Exports Palm Kernel Expeller to China Worth Rp18.2 Billion

Medan, July 28, 2023 – Holding Perkebunan Nusantara PTPN III (Persero) held the release of the first export of palm kernel meal with the destination of Huangpu, China, worth IDR 18.2 billion (1.2 million USD) at the Port of Belawan, Medan, North Sumatra, on Friday (07/28/2023).

Marketing Director of PTPN III (Persero), Dwi Sutoro said, in addition to maintaining the palm kernel meal or palm kernel expeller market in the country, PTPN Group also continues to strive for the marketing of these products to penetrate the world market. “This will get better added value so that export sales increase, and its sustainability in the future also remains good,” Dwi said in Jakarta.

Dwi said that PTPN Group, as one of the largest producers of palm oil products in the world, continues to focus on sales, not only in the domestic market, but also to the global market. Especially for the global market, in 2023 the company has exported palm oil products to a number of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. “So far, it is still dominated by the main products, such as CPO, RBDPO, Olein (cooking oil), Stearin and PFAD, with sales value until June 2023 reaching 144 million USD,” he said.

Dwi said that palm oil products are not only vegetable oil. Palm kernel meal or palm kernel expeller as an ingredient in animal feed concentrate, which was previously sold in the domestic market, has good export sales potential. “It is now one of PTPN Group’s sales focuses to the global market,” he said.

Meanwhile, the release of the first export of palm kernel meal was represented by SEVP Business Support Tengku Rinel, along with the Logistics Team of PTPN III (Persero) Medan Office, and the Nusantara Plantation Holding Marketing Team.

Rinel hopes that this first export will be a momentum for PTPN Group to penetrate the export market, while still prioritizing the concepts of sustainability.

“This export is expected to help generate foreign exchange and strengthen the competitiveness of all PTPN products in the global market. The Ministry of SOEs also hopes that this moment can continue to be improved by prioritizing the concept of sustainability in accordance with the mission of the Government of Indonesia,” Rinel said.