Synergy of Young Plantation SOEs Takes Role in Improving Corporate Values and Brand Awareness to succeed the Transformation of PTPN Group

Yogyakarta, May 14, 2023 – Young Plantation SOEs fully support the transformation efforts carried out by Holding Perkebunan Nusantara by taking the role of increasing the values and brand awareness of the company. This support has been agreed upon by all PTPN Group Administrators and Young Captains in the Synergy of Young Plantation SOEs held in Yogyakarta, Tuesday-Wednesday (13-14/05/2023).

The Chairperson of the Central Young SOEs who also serves as Deputy President Director of PT Bio Farma (Persero), Soleh Ayubi, Ph.D, stated that this event is a big series in the process towards the important moment of the formation of three subholdings in PTPN Group, namely PalmCo, SugarCo, and SupportingCo. Moreover, not all generations in PTPN have the opportunity to experience this big change. “I see from the outside, that this is an extraordinary change. Not only in the corporate structure, but also in the name change. Therefore, I encourage all my friends, especially from the Young Plantation SOEs, to take advantage of this opportunity and be actively involved in this transformation,” said Soleh Ayubi.

Soleh Ayubi emphasized that the formation of the three subholdings is a rare opportunity and part of a big plan that has been conveyed repeatedly by SOE Minister Erick Thohir. “This is one of our efforts to become a national driving company,” he added.

Director of Human Resources of PTPN III (Persero), Seger Budiarjo, on a separate occasion stated that he strongly supports the Young Plantation SOE programs as part of the Re-Organization within the PTPN Group. “So far PTPN has a generation gap that is quite far both at the managerial and executive structure levels, so it needs to continue to be activated and collaborated with a youth agenda that is in line with the transformation being carried out in the PTPN Group,” said Seger.

The same thing was also expressed by the Chairman of the Young Plantation SOE Sector, Benny Wijaya. He emphasized that the Young Plantation SOEs in principle support the transformation carried out by the Board of Management at PTPN Group. “Including the establishment of PalmCo, SugarCo, and SupportingCo subholdings,” he said.

Benny Wijaya highlighted the importance of a common understanding of the current condition of PTPN which requires immediate adjustments and changes, both in terms of corporate structural organizations, and youth organizations.
“The presence of Young Plantation SOEs aims to provide added value for the company’s interests. Therefore, we must all understand that Young Plantation SOEs have a very important position in creating Brand Awareness and Brand Positioning in the eyes of stakeholders,” said Benny.

Benny further said that the establishment of PalmCo, SugarCo, and SupportingCo subholdings is an important step for PTPN Group and the entire plantation industry, especially on a national scale towards global competition. This, he said, shows the commitment of all levels of the company to continue to adapt in accordance with changes and implement sustainable practices. “The involvement of Young Plantation SOEs in this transformation process shows the dedication of PTPN Group’s Young Planters in encouraging innovation and contributing to the progress of the Company in realizing ideals that are beneficial to the national scope,” said Benny.