Central Java

Banaran Coffee Village

Located in the Getas Afdeling Assinan Coffee Plantation Area, precisely Jl. Raya Semarang – Solo Km. 35 with an altitude of 480 – 600m above sea level with cool temperatures between 23ºC – 27ºC.

The main facilities of Kampoeng Kopi Banaran are buildings for enjoying the delicious coffee “Banaran Coffee” as well as a children’s playground, Corporate Gathering, Coffee Walk, Out Bound Games, Swimming Pool, Gasebo, Tennis court, Fruit Park, Meeting Hall, Flying Fox, Prayer room, Meeting Room, Griya Robusta, Family Gathering, and Exploring the Garden with ATV.

Enjoy the freshness and familiarity of the family. Parks and Gazebos are places to rest and chat with friends, relatives and family. Equipped with play facilities for children. Coffee House, in the form of a restaurant that serves a variety of fresh food and drinks. Served hot or cold with an appetizing taste.

Camping Ground, in the form of a stretch of cool green grass covering an area of ​​1 hectare equipped with lighting facilities for camping locations. Griya Robusta, a meeting hall with a capacity of 750 people. Equipped with air conditioning and spacious room for various events. There are also ATVs and off-road rides amidst the cool green of the cocoa/cocoa plants.

Banaran Resort

Located in the middle of a coffee plantation, Banaran 9 Resort & Hotel spoils you with amazing facilities and views. with easy access, Banaran 9 Resort & Hotel is ready to give you an unforgettable experience.


Kaligua Agrotourism is located to the west of the foot of Mount Slamet, to be precise in Pandansari Paguyangan Village, Brebes Regency, Central Java. Having an altitude of 1500-2000 meters above sea level, Kaligua agro-tourism provides fresh and clean air and spectacular panoramas of tea gardens for visiting tourists.

The facilities offered at Kaligua Agrotourism include tea walks, tea harvesting, tea processing factory tours, lodging, tennis courts, camping ground, out bound games, petilasan (Van De Jong and Mbah Joko), ancient terbin, clear tuk, west cave, and the top of the pocket.


Jollong Agro Tourism is located in a plantation area and a coffee factory on the slopes of Mount Muria above an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Precisely in Sitiluhur, Gembong, Sitiluhur, Gembong, Pati Regency, Central Java 59162.

With cool and fresh air, various rides can be enjoyed including outbound rides, flying fox, balloon house, fish therapy pool. Apart from that, Bukit Naga (a dragon fruit plantation area) and Grenjengan Waterfall are favorite destinations when visiting Jollong Agrotourism.


Kampoeng Teh Semugih is located in Banyumudal Village, Moga District. In addition to the charm of lowland tea plantations, tourists can get an interesting experience by taking a factory tour to see firsthand the process of making black tea.

Kampoeng Teh Semugih is equipped with lodging that can be used by tourists, besides that it is also equipped with a hall, tennis court, volleyball court, soccer field, camping ground and outbound facilities such as flying fox, suspension bridge and others.

Central Park Balong

Central Park is an educational tourist area in the middle of the rubber plantation area of ​​PTPN IX, the Balong garden, Keling District, Jepara Regency, as an alternative tourist destination in Jepara. Sentral Park is equipped with several facilities, including Bird Park, Outbound, Playground (Flying Fox, High Rope, ATV, Ball Bath, Balloon Palace), as well as Educational Tours which will increase knowledge and train the mentality of children who play. Visitors can also enjoy special dishes at Banaran 9 restaurant and shop at Banaran 9 Mart. The future development of Balong Kebun Balong Central Park will be integrated with Banyutowo Beach tourism which is only 4 KM from Sentral Park.

Gondang Winangoen

Located on the edge of the Yogyakarta-Solo highway Km. 4.5 precisely to the west of Klaten City, Central Java. Gondang Winangoen is located in the middle of a colonial-era sugar factory, namely PG Gondang Baru. This place offers historical tours and educational tours around the sugar cane plantations, the sugar processing process. In addition, visitors can take a closer look at the history of sugarcane in the country by visiting the Sugar Museum which displays processing equipment and means of transportation of the past, there is also a library containing books and ancient Dutch records.

Waduk Koebangkangkoeng

Kebun Kgrass which is located in Banyumas has a plantation business portfolio with the main commodity being rubber, besides that it is also developing businesses in the horticulture sector, agro-tourism businesses, cafe businesses and various timber plants. One of the developed agro-tourism is Koebangkangkoeng Reservoir Tourism, which is located in Kawunganten District, Cilacap Regency.

Koebangkangkoeng Reservoir was inspired by water tourism in the Dutch Windmill Region by combining water tourism and the natural beauty of plantations. Various facilities are slowly starting to be equipped by the Management of Kgrass Gardens including boat rides, water bikes, fish therapy, mini moto and also a cafe with a variety of typical Banyumas food menus including Young Coconut Ice, Mendoan, Tofu Berontak etc.

Kebun Kgrass management also provides a prayer room for visitors. The Koebangkangkoeng Reservoir will continue to be developed as a recreation center in the Banyumas area and its surroundings.


Located in the PG Tasikmadu complex, Jl. Solo-Karanganyar, Ngijo Village, Tasikmadu Sondokoro District, offers historical tours and educational tours around the sugarcane plantations via antique locomotives, the processing of sugar. swimming pool, flying fox, suspension bridge, tree house, traffic park and others.

Filled with shady and shady trees, Sondokoro is a favorite destination for families around the Solo – Sragen – Karanganyar area.

West Java

Gunung Mas

Gunung Mas agrotourism is located in a cool area with an altitude of 800-1200 m above sea level. The average air temperature is 12-22 degrees Celsius, so this place is comfortable for resting or just relaxing to relieve fatigue from routine. Location in Puncak Bogor and so near from Jakarta. You can enjoy various kinds of facilities and activities here to your heart’s content with your family. At Gunung Mas Agrotourism, we offer you various facilities such as a swimming pool, tea corner, tennis court, Ciburial Water Tourism Area, Batu Sirap, children’s play facilities, etc. so you can do various activities such as tea walk, paragliding, horse riding, flying fox , and so forth.


The beauty of this tea garden cannot be doubted, apart from being located at an altitude of 1550 m above sea level with a temperature of 16-26 degrees Celsius we can see a stretch of green tea like a rug. The distance traveled is only about 45 km to the south of Bandung City or about 2 hours. This garden is also full of history, because it is in this location that there is the tomb and house left by K.A.R Bosscha. In Malabar which is full of history, you can take a walk or a tea walk to Mount Nini where Bosscha used to oversee the work of pickers, scientific tours (factory visits), children’s play areas. Besides that, you can visit Bosscha’s house and the famous Bosscha grave. You can also swim in the Natural hot spring swimming pool Tirta Camelia, which is about 15 minutes from the inn.

Ranca Bali

This plantation is located in Kec. Ciwidey Kab. Bandung is about 50 km to the south of Bandung City with an altitude of 1628 above sea level. Sensation of Rengganis Crater, Mud Bath, Situ Lembang Nuance, Children’s Play, FTV, Flying Fox Extrime 300 m, Tea Walk, Camping Groung, Factory Visit, Scientific Tour, Cafe, etc.

Ciater / Sukawana

One of the agro-tourism in PTPN VIII is Sukawana (Pangheotan Garden). Here there is 1 unit villa with a capacity of 20 people in which there are 4 rooms equipped with 2 single beds, a kitchen, living room and bathroom in each room which is equipped with hot water. You can enjoy the panorama and natural coolness to calm yourself from your daily busy life. To go to this villa, you only need to travel about 25 km because this area is located in Kampung Kancah, Employeegi Village, Kec. Parongpong District. West Bandung.


Goalpara Agrotourism is located at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango to be precise in Afdeling Perbawati Pondok Halimun, Salabintana Sukabumi, our facilities are 1 unit Mess Kabayan 4 rooms with a capacity of 20 people with a kitchen, living room & fireplace.