Perkebunan Nusantara Group Distributes Aid for Flash Flood Victims in Kalibaru Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi, February 23, 2023. Holding Perkebunan Nusantara PTPN III (Persero) distributed aid amounting to Rp250 million to victims of flash floods in Kalibaru District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. The humanitarian assistance was handed over through the Kalibaru District Office, on Thursday (23/2/2023).

President Director of PTPN III (Persero) Holding Plantations Mohammad Abdul Ghani, said that the assistance was a form of realization of the company’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) program, in order to ease the burden on residents affected by flash floods that occurred in November 2022. “This assistance cannot solve the problem. However, hopefully it will help the victims,” said Abdul Ghani, after the handover of the aid.

The cash assistance, said Abdul Ghani, will be distributed to the community through the Kalibaru Subdistrict Office. From the sub-district, the funds will be distributed to the villages to help flood-affected residents. “It will be handed over to the sub-district and village heads, because they know the needs of the community,” he added.

PTPN XII, one of the subsidiaries of Holding Perkebunan Nusantara, has also provided assistance to the victims of flash floods in the area a few days after the incident, on November 3, 2022. The assistance provided included rice, cooking oil, powdered milk, instant noodles, sugar and baby diapers to meet the daily needs of the disaster victims, as well as providing assistance in the form of heavy equipment, trucks and dozens of personal to evacuate materials carried by flash floods.

“PTPN Group as a state-owned enterprise is certainly not only concerned with improving company performance. In addition, we are also committed to always caring for people who experience disasters. Of course, with mutual cooperation from all parties, it will have a greater positive impact,” said Abdul Ghan.

Meanwhile, Kalibaru Sub-District Head, Susanto Wibowo, expressed his gratitude for the assistance that has been distributed by PTPN Group to its residents affected by the flash flood disaster. Thanks to contributions from various parties, he said, the impact of the flood that occurred three months ago has gradually been handled. “Hopefully, the aid distributed will help with the improvements that have not been completed,” he said.

Susanto said that the assistance from PTPN will be handed over directly to the village heads and village councils, consisting of seven villages, six villages from Kalibaru sub-district and one village from Glenmore sub-district. “The allocation will be up to each village. Because the villages know what their needs are,” said Susanto, who was accompanied by the village heads and BPDs from the affected villages.